Plantings in a new land:
Stories of survival, endurance and emancipation
What does it mean to be Chinese in Queensland today?
In this book, twenty-one Chinese-Australians tell their stories and the stories of their Australian forbears: tales which encompass the trials and triumphs in the one-hundred-year journey of survival, endurance, and emancipation. They bring to life the recent changes in the political and social conditions, which have finally allowed the Chinese to take a place at Australia’s multicultural table.
The stories are grouped by historical periods showing changing attitudes to Chinese migrants in Australia — from economic pawns in the colonial days, official rejected at Federation, and finally carving out a place in Australia’s multicultural society. Author Chek Ling provides commentary and context about the social and political background against which the stories are told, encouraging readers to explore not only the particular stories of people’s lives, but also the issue of racism in Australia.  
The book is available direct from the author.
© Chek Ling 2001
Published by the Society of Chinese Australian Academics of Queensland
ISBN 0-9579695-0-7