Helena Bond
Communicate your message. Reach your audience. Make your mark.
I have a range of interests, including:
Life coaching
Life coaching empowers you to be your best self and to live the life you truly want to live.
  1.    Be the kind of person you most admire.
  2.    Do the things you feel are most important in life.
  3.    Have the things you need and want (and have a lot of fun too).
Through the coaching process you learn a whole lot about how to create what you want in any area of your life, rather than spending all your time solving problems.
Having been coached myself, I trained as a coach in 2001, gaining skills to integrate into my life and work.
About me
I’ve always loved to sing! I run workshops with The Voices collective to share the joy around – claiming your own voice is vitally important to claiming your place in the world. See the training page for more details.
Brisbane has a wonderful folk music scene: supportive, talented and friendly. In 2006 I started performing solo, and in 2008–10 sang Scottish Gaelic songs with The Shieling.
Please make my day and contact me about bookings!
Professional involvement
Editors are an interesting bunch to hang out with, and I’ve been involved in the Society of Editors (Qld) since I moved back to Brisbane in 1996.
I’ve served as President, Newsletter editor and Speaker Secretary, spoken or trained on various topics, and enjoyed the offerings of the Society’s own wine label, Offpressings.
As President I was involved in early efforts to develop national collaboration between editors, and I continue to support Australian editors working together to advance our profession.
Cycle touring is a part-time passion, and commuting a daily pleasure or discipline, depending on weather, traffic, etc.
Around town I ride a charmingly mannered folding bike; for longer trips I am facing the daunting task of finding a new touring bike.
The best thing about cycle touring is that when you ride day after day, through sun and wind and rain and snow, you know you can do anything. What’s better than that?
I love the water …