Helena Bond
Communicate your message. Reach your audience. Make your mark.
The great joy of editing is working with an author or publisher to create something that fulfills or transcends their purpose.
Traditionally, the editor is the keystone of a team which may encompass writer, designer, illustrator, printer, marketing personnel, copyright officer and many others in the creative process of making a finished publication from a manuscript.
I describe myself as a book editor, mainly to distinguish myself
from magazine or newspaper editors. Actually, I work on all sorts of print and electronic publications: from brochures to books, from posters to training manuals, from e-zines to templates.
Anyone who needs to publish text-based materials may engage an editor. This commonly includes:
  1.    Writers
  2.    Publishers
  3.    Business people
  4.    Marketing people
The services I offer are listed below with a brief explanation of each one. If you'd like to engage me for something a little different, or wish to discuss rates and timelines, please contact me.
Substantive editing (also called 'structural' or 'full' editing)
Once the manuscript is prepared, hand it over to me to ensure that the concepts, structure, language and flow of text and other elements will suit the purpose and target readers.
Copy editing
Meticulous line-by-line editing ensures that your message comes across clearly. I play the role of a sympathetic reader who nevertheless sees to the heart of the manuscript.
Let your words rise free of any remaining waffle, obscurity, grammatical errors, non sequiturs, and other flaws to beguile your intended readers …  
Editorial consultancy
Discuss your publishing concept or manuscript:
  1.    Identify the most appropriate next step to take.
  2.    Work out how to achieve it.
  3.    Get a manuscript assessment or work collaboratively to develop your work.
Dream it, write it, publish it.
The final stage. I'll check spelling, figures, dates, formatting, illustrations, captions and all the other details.
Don't let amateur-looking publications ruin your reputation, perplex your audience or downgrade your image.
Writing (rewriting, ghost writing, salvaging …)
Let me take your notes, recordings, or previously published works and massage them into a new form. Once you clarify the purpose, content and desired form, I can clothe your ideas in words to express the things you're longing to communicate.
Take a look at some of the books I’ve edited