Helena Bond
Communicate your message. Reach your audience. Make your mark.
I can offer customised courses in most aspects of editing and proofreading. These can be presentations or participatory workshops, though my preference is for participation.
With empathy for adult learners, and a confident speaking style, I make training enjoyable as well as valuable. I have strong empathy for adult learners, so I aim to engage and amuse people, believing that people are naturally curious, and want to learn and be entertained. I aim to find the common ground, and the correct level, from which we can build skills and knowledge together.
My delivery is characterised by:
  1.   clear speaking, visual aids and handouts
  2.   sense of humour
  3.   openness to input.
Editing training
I have delivered training for TAFE, the Society of Editors (Qld), and the Queensland Writers Centre, for writers, newcomers to the field of publishing, and as professional development for my peers, on the following topics:
  1.   the publishing process
  2.   copy editing; editing non-fiction; editing fiction
  3.   working with front and back matter
  4.   editing on-screen using Microsoft Word
  5.   the ergonomics of proofreading
  6.   finding an editor.
Voice training
I can offer participatory voice workshops either through The Voices singing collective or individually.
The Voices collective (John Thompson, Nicole Murray, Helena Bond & Andrea Baldwin) was formed in 2005 to share singing skills and the joy of singing. Mixing voice production techniques with a range of folk songs from around the world, we create a safe space for singers of any level of confidence to develop and challenge themselves as they learn new ways to sing new songs. With four highly talented and experienced workshop leaders to draw upon, The Voices are able to run workshops covering a wide range of content.